What is conair hair curler and how do you use them?

If you have straight long hair, you would sometimes want to sport curls in them. You could have cascading loose spiral curls like women in the Victorian age or small tight curls which add volume to your hair. Have you heard about Conan curler? These curlers are a popular brand with women who love soft wavy hair to large tight curls in their hair. If you want a few curls for a special occasion, all you would need to do is add a few curlers on your damp hair and within a few minutes you are a curly haired beauty. Unlike irons which are used for curling your hair, our does not get damaged or burnt.

Conair Hair CurlerHow do you curl your hair with these curlers?

1.    Wash your hair in the night, if you want to curl them in the morning. This would make the natural oils in the hair work on them and you would get better quality curls.

2.    Before you start curling your hair, brush your hair and free it from any knots and tangles.

3.    You can use a mousse which would help your hair to hold the curls. Evenly distribute the mousse over the hair in equal proportions.

4.    If you have thick straight hair, it would be a good idea to make a few sections and hold them using a hair clips.

5.    Now attach the Conair Hair Curler in your hair from the bottom of the hair and slowly roll the whole portion of the hair into it. You have to be patient and start on one section of the hair at a time and do not curl the hair in the curler loosely. The curler should be fitted snuggly into the rolled hair and then use the attachment to hold the hair. Now do the same process for the other sections of the hair. Unless you want a complete retro look, it would be a good idea to keep the front portion of the hair free.

6.    Now after all the sections have been curled you can leave the curlers on and leave them to set the curls for minimum 30 minutes. If your hair is not dry and you remove the curlers the shape of the curls would not have set in and the curls would have become limp.

7.    Once your hair is dry gently remove the curlers section by section. Now set the curls in each section of your hair and you can make a bouffant in the front portion and clip the hair behind the bouffant in the crown area.

8.    To make the curls hold for long durations you can use a hair spray that would set the curls in your hair.

9.    Now you are ready to turn heads in your party with your lovely cascading curls.

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