Hair Curler Wand

A hair curler wand which is also called a curling iron is one of the most widely used appliances that are meant for the purpose of convenient hair-styling at home. Nowadays, there are many varieties available in curling wands and they are actually a modification of the types of curling wands that were available in the past. Most people are of the view that curling wands available these days are contemporary inventions but the reality is that the hair curler wands that are available at present are simple modifications that have been made to the devices that were used centuries ago. Indeed, it has been proved that both men and women have been very passionate about curly hair since centuries. Previously, there were heated tongs used for hair curling by men and women alike. But it is important to note that these methods were outdated and they resulted in burnt and damaged hair.

Hair Curler WandHistory of Hair Curler Wand

The history of hair curler wand dates back to the 18th century when Hiram maxim, who was a British citizen born in America, obtained the exclusive rights of Hair Curler Wand. Marcel Grateau and Maurice Lentheric were two Frenchmen who are also accredited with using the idea of heated tongs for curled hair in the early 19th century. Hair curled by the use of heated tongs also became popular as Marcel waves or curls. This device was made-up by Grateau and it was popularly known as Marcel tongs.

The New Era of Hair Curler Wands

In the past, hair was curled by the use of bulky rollers that were left on the hair overnight. But, in the present times everything has changed and there are new hair curling tools like hair curler wand that have sprung up in the market. It is the use of a hair curler wand that has made it possible for working women and even for college students to get good quality curls within a very short span of time and it also does not require them to visit expensive parlors and salons. There is great technology used in making a hair curler wand. Those days have long gone when people ended up damaging all their hair by the use of curling iron barrels that used to be extremely hot. Nowadays, the technology of negative ions is used in making hair curler wands that helps in getting smooth curls that do not require breaking or tugging one’s hair. The hair curler wands also possess ceramic barrels that are infused with tourmaline that make the wands very safe to be used by people and at the same time this has helped women in avoiding unmanageable and frizzy hair. The time that is taken to carry out the entire procedure of curling one’s hair is also very less. The range of temperature used by most of the hair curler wands is between 284 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It has to be noted in this respect that the higher is the temperature of the hair curler wand the better and the more distinct are the hair curls. There are some important steps that are very important to be followed by people who are looking to get those cool curls.

Steps that are required to be followed

•    The hair curler wand has to be plugged in and allowed to heat up to the temperature desired by an individual. It is always very important to have the instruction manual handy for reference on temperature settings.

•    The thermal glove that comes available with the Hair Curler Wand should be used for the prevention of burns on fingers and hands.

•    The hair should be brushed properly for the removal of hair tangles.

•    The top half of the hair should be tied up by the use of a clip.

•    The hair should be divided in sections of 1 inch. The other hand should be used for putting the barrel very close to the hair scalp and on top of one hair section.

•    Next the hair of one particular section should be wrapped around the hair curler barrel and then moved down until the wrap ends.

•    The entire procedure of wrapping the hair should be followed by all the sections made by the use of the hair curler wand.

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